It Doesn't Happen All at Once. You Become Real,

But It Takes A Long Time.

National Youth Congress.

No Johnny's today :) But I'm getting my latest copy of Myojo and Popolo tomorrow! :)

Today, July 28 2007, I attended the 4th National Youth Congress held at the U.P. School of Economics; I was with 9 other schoolmates and 2 teachers. We got to U.P. before 8 o' clock this morning and when we arrived, delegates of the different schools were already there. Since me and my schoolmates were just juniors, we felt so small because the other delegates were all seniors, and scary!

I'll be honest and admit that I got bored during the lectures so all I and my friend did was talk to each other and gossip! :) But I wasn't that bored anymore when it came to the extemporaneous speech contest. The first contestant was super good in speaking in english and used high-falooting words, she spoke too fast so only a few probably ended up understanding her.  Some contestants were indeed good in speaking in english but their speeches don't have that much relevance to the theme which is, "The Rise of Women Breadwinners". One guy started his speech with "All men and women are equal..." and ended it with " I think a mother can still be the breadwinner of the family but the father will be better "  Okaaaaay. His irony is running high, I guess. He probably couldn't relate to the topic because he is, afterall, a boy. But another guy's speech was really interesting; he was cool and funny but he ran out of time and did not get to finish his speech. Awwwww. After a few more contestants, it was raining hard outside with thunder and lightning which resulted in an electricity cut-off. Since U.P. was known for having scary buildings (they're  almost a century old and are known for lingering ghosts), a lot of students were screaming their heads-off and raised their feet to their tables -- including me! hahahaha! I got home safely, anyway :D Unharmed or whatsoever, just tired.




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